Dora Eggleston - Licensed Professional in Health Insurance (Medicare, Short Term Health and Affordable Care Act), Life, Cancer, Heart and Stroke.

I'm here to help you make sure you and  your family ar protected! 

Medicare Healthcare Plans

Are you turning 65 soon? Are you confused by all the medicare hype? I can give you a good understanding of what medicare plan would suit your need in as little as 20 minutes.  

Affordable Individual and Family health insurance plans

Do you need affordable individual or family health insurance? Let me find a plan that is affordable for you, and keep yourself and your family healthy.

Cancer, Heart and Stroke

 Protect you and your family! Cancer costs a lot. Cancer policies don't! What it protects is priceless! Did you know that you can get a cancer insurance policy that will pay you a lump sum benefit at first diagnosis to help cover things you may need while you are on the road to recovery if you were to be diagnosed with cancer?